Minutes From the Annual General Meeting of Heimstaden AB (publ)


Minutes From the Annual General Meeting of Heimstaden AB (publ)

Heimstaden AB (publ) held its annual general meeting on 8 April 2021. Shareholders had the opportunity to vote by post.  

The general meeting resolved in accordance with all the proposals put forth, in summary, the following:

  • Adopted the 2020 financial statements and the proposal for appropriation of profits according to the Annual Report.
  • Re-elected Ivar Tollefsen and John Giverholt to the Board, and elected Fredrik Reinfeldt and Vibeke Krag as new Board Members.
  • Adopted the proposal for Board remuneration for 2021.
  • Appointed registered auditing firm Ernst & Young AB and Jonas Svensson as auditors. Peter von Knorring will continue to be the auditor in charge.
  • Resolved on 10:1 share split for all existing shares in the company. The number of shares following the split will amount to 132,040,000 ordinary shares and 23,437,500 preference shares. Expected record date is 26 April 2021.
  • Authorised the Board to decide on new share issues during the period up to the 2022 annual general meeting, with or without deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, of no more than 40,000,000 preference shares (after the share split).
  • The Articles of Association were amended to enable the share split and new share issues by the Board.

At a board meeting held immediately after the general meeting, it was resolved that the company shall apply the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

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